I consider myself a semi-nomadic adventuress bushwhacking my way through life. Sometimes the path is pretty clear and easy-going; other times it requires a lot of trust in the unknown future, and my ability to adapt and grow.

Traveler + Paddler

The last couple of years I have centered my life around the river- working as a whitewater raft guide in the summers at my home base in northern Cali, and traveling to meet other rivers and paddling communities around the world. What I have learned working and playing on various rivers has turned out to be a giant metaphor for life, going far beyond the adage “you never step in the same river twice.”


I am an equally enthusiastic yogi and meditator- although my actual practice often fluctuates between “I’ll-do-it-later”, “eh-10-minutes-good-enough”, and “wow-that-got-deep!” Since I started practicing, yoga and meditation have always been available to me wherever I have been in the world, and have helped guide me through some strange and lonely moments, as well as ground me when things get hectic and exciting. 

Conscious Loving Human

I value intentional connection to other beings and collective compassion. I honor Mother Earth, from where I came from and where I will go back to. My mission is to grow closer to this universal “Oneness”, while respecting myself as a unique individual with hopes and interests and needs.